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Executive Summary

Responsibility is how accountable managers are ready to be for their decisions, actions and consequences of them towards the stakeholders.

To be accountable implies that the manager benefits somehow and ultimately from a certain level of autonomy. The manager is a link in the value chain and a sustainable actor towards his actions. Being responsible also means that the Manager has a fair understanding of his actions, has the courage to bear the risks and is accountable for their consequences.

Responsibility is a topic often studied by Human Sciences (philosophy, sociology, literature, …). Our experience has demonstrated that combining management and philosophy enables people to better address this issue for corporate organizations. It is this unique approach and experience that summarizes the value proposal of Talents-Ohm. It is addressed to organizations aiming at performing better, leveraging from this approach to better meet the challenges they face.

Our methodology is to assist the governing bodies of an organization in their journey to succeed in their key challenges (e.g. Innovation, Governance, Digitalization, Marketing, Business Development, etc…) by proposing a new approach and a new perspective introducing, at all levels of the organization, the question of Responsibility.

The end-result is an organization that better understands, addresses, coordinates and acts. Above all, the end-result, is a performance beyond expectations.