The Challenges

… for yourself

Take responsibility for your decisions, actions and the risks associated with them

To develop in a sustainable way Excellence and an Innovation Capability, an organization requires Management to express its leadership. Interpersonal and behavioural qualities are the very mainspring of a renewed dynamic for both the team and the strategic projects.

Every aspect of your appearance, talk, email… contributes to the collective history of the organization. Consequently, special care needs to be given to any of your discussions, decisions or behaviours so they benefit the short run, while contributing to build a reciprocal reliability, an impulse and an energy in the long run.

Your exemplarity and your courage are key.

It is your day-to-day challenge to set the vision and the sense of your decisions. Understanding the responsibilities to take and to be accountable for is crucial. The same is true for sharing the winnings in the case of success or the losses in the case of failure.

… for your teams

To instil corporate spirit and empowerment in your team

At times, your team can lack vision and do not know the main reason why their contribution is made. It is at such moments that symptoms of disengagement and lack of commitment appear. The motivation starts falling back or some key people leaves.

Time pressure along with the constant need for re-challenging and re-engineering know-how are all reasons that impact negatively their motivation, their ability to cooperate and their will to communicate.

The challenge you have to address lies in driving teams to reconnect with one of the most fundamental social and corporate skills, namely to be fully accountable for your own responsibility : responsibility to oneself, to others, to the assignment given.

In doing so, you infuse and bring back the positive adrenaline needed to go beyond yourself as well as to go beyond your commitment.

… for the organization

Aiming at organizational excellence and project management

To keep on being competitive in a changing environment, your organization has to adapt quickly.

Today, and especially with digitalization, innovations and enhanced Regulations, changing cycles are speeding up. Reactivity is key and strategies are often defined as a matter of urgency for the sake of keeping or gaining a sustainable competitive advantage. This time pressure, which is often presented as the price to pay for the survival of the organization, results in spreading anxiety. It is furthermore enhanced with the imperative need to challenge the know-how your organization relies on, and/or the imperative need to innovate.

An organization contributes building an ecosystem which favours growth. It performs when there is a virtuous cycle in which key persons are identified and hold the positions which enable them to catalyse energies and dynamics for the end-result.

The challenge for your organization lies in that it must ultimately favour innovation, excellence, daring, permanent improvement, attractiveness to retain the best, …, while ensuring a healthy and responsible financial management at all levels of your organization.