Why is responsibility the keystone of a sustainable performance?

How can we make today’s fast changes an asset?

The challenges that management have to face are more and more complex. Managers feel increasingly alone facing them. Shareholders and Governing Bodies are more and more dependant on Managers who combine outstanding managerial skills with professional expertise and personal qualities.

Shareholders are keen on the human qualities the Managers must have, who in turn must identify and stimulate within their team and within the organization. However outstanding, a Manager remains a human being made of emotion, a capability to act (dreams, ambitions, perseverance, etc…) : every day, s/he has to solve the never-ending equation of conquering market share, developing more, innovating, creating a sustainable business model, earning more, and fostering an affecto-societatis enabling the whole organization to better address their difficult situations

Performance and Innovation are often boosted when everyone, at their own level, takes responsibility for the consequences of their own action.