The Solutions


Assisting boards and shareholders

High ROEs and short-term returns are often part of the image conveyed by shareholders and Investment Funds. However correct, they represent a minority. Most shareholders and Hedge Funds govern the firms they have a stake in by prioritising sustainable growth and managerial ethics. These are inspiring shareholders.

Shareholders and Executive Boards’ ambitions can differ while remaining aligned. In worst cases, they can diverge. Building a compromise aimed at agreeing both qualitative and quantitative goals is not an easy process but is a crucial one to prevent dedicating energy to the detriment of the one needed to develop the business.

Talents-Ohm assists Boards and Shareholders to ease dialogue to enable a constructive exchange between these governing and operational Bodies. We are convinced that a sustainable economical eco-system is the one which maintains this collective and personal responsibility.


Assisting CEOs and top management

  • Appetite, Decision, Vision and Acts (ADVA as for Added Value) are all triggers which influence managerial behaviour. The aim is to foster a coherence between these 4 triggers. Our proven methodologies awake these hidden or sleeping mainsprings to reconcile
  • Speed of Action with Serenity and Peace of mind
  • Determination with Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Dialogue with Decision and Resolution
  • Analysis with Intuition and Clear sight

Executive Committees

Assistance to executive committees

For teams to successfully take up ambitious and daring challenge, they must work well with a positive team spirit and reduce individualism.

Talents-Ohm assists Executive committees to improve by identifying issues at their source and resolving them. Doing so, we provide tools aimed at improving communication and coordination which will help to resolve the issue without impacting the inter-personal relations between the Executive Committee members.

Our methods are designed to make Cooperation and Communication within the Executive Committee even more efficient. Because all organizations and all projects have their own specificities, our methods are customized to each organization and project while relying on 3 important principles : Confidence, Courage and Respect. These 3 values are instrumental in achieving efficiency within an Executive Committee.

Change Management

While in a transition phase, it is essential to position oneself and identify what is fixed and not open to change. Doing so enables us to better address what will develop and prevent fear. In this way, we better manage uncertainties that fast transformation can generate.

This will enable managers to remain at all times fully committed to their mission and ensure their responsibility, especially when their mission and responsibility are at stake during the implementation process.

Talents-Ohm assists the Manager at all key milestone in the change management process from the in-office study to the implementation phase. Our added value goes beyond simply applying the traditional methods for driving change. Introducing “micro-actions” and “subtleties” will result in facilitating the implementation of the decision, in enhancing the responsibility of the team and in achieving the targeted operative goals. The devil is in the detail. Pressure and emotion often lead to going straight to the point to the detriment of the “finesse” which is essential.