Who are we?

Our specificities

Consulting involves the rules and ethics to which we adhere. Talents-Ohm is committed to a level of service and quality in line with its promise of excellence and operational impact for its clients. The consultants are trustworthy CEO’s and experts who share the same values.

  • Those values are:
  • Responsibility towards people and projects
  • Integrity regarding the planned actions and the relationships with other people
  • Reliability in both the confidentiality and quality of the deliverables
  • Respect for the people in the company and for their daily work

Key ideas

Responsibility is a key for sustainable performance.

Responsibility leads to sustainability, flexibility and autonomy.

  • The benefits reaped from addressing the issue of responsibility are:
  • Increasing the quest for excellence inside and outside your company
  • Implementing confidence and courage as main values thanks to improved individual and collective commitment
  • Becoming more calm and collected by being in tune with yourself and others
  • Giving a tangible sign to those close to you about the importance you give to everyone’s responsibility and about your determination to fulfill your own responsibilities
  • Standing out on your market, attracting and retaining the best co-workers by developing managerial innovations that are compatible with the culture, history and organization of your company. The methods and models of start-up businesses, Google, Facebook are inspiration but not universal.

Talents-OHM, Bénédicte de BEAUFORT

Our team is composed of Experts and CEO’s.

We have worked in many different companies and we are convinced that Responsibility is a useful key for business success.

We share a passion for serving our clients and for taking care of people.

Bénédicte de Beaufort, Founding Partner

Consultant and Researcher with 30 years of experience, specializing in Governance, Change Management and Executive Training. My added value lies in 3 specificities:

  • 18 years of experience at executive role (CEO, Deputy CEO, Directorship) for public, private and non-profit organizations;
  • Academic Researcher (Sorbonne, CNRS) in Corporate Governance, Professor at HEC Business School (Master and MBA) and at ENA in Managerial Ethics, with a significant experience on executive training leading think-tanks as well as in the Executive Training Department of Business Schools;
  • A 20 year consulting experience on Vision definition and implementation assisting Boards, CEOs or Executive Committees for medium to large organizations. Specialized in family-owned business.