Think Tank and Research

Responsibility is part of the training of decision-makers. It boosts innovation. Two methods allow us to improve R&D concerning Responsibility:

  • Think Tanks:
  • To share and stimulate action-oriented reflection
  • To improve ourselves by studying concrete cases and knowledge resulting from experience, in order to rediscover those subjects in more depth while avoiding any dogmatic positions.
  • To circulate research within the company and to conduct awareness activities with intermediary bodies such as trade-unions

Research: To better apprehend the essential questions of « Who am I? » « Where am I going? ». The impact of digital technology, added to globalisation call into question the ways governance, organization, living together, sense of work and happiness used to function. The need to feel true to yourself to accept your responsibilities is made stronger. We organise conferences, workshops, customised training programmes for current leaders and managers and classes for tomorrow’s business stakeholders.